[Oeva-list] EV's run on coal.

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Tue May 25 14:38:52 PDT 2010

On 5/25/10 1:57 PM, Steve's Account wrote:

> It would be interesting to compare the effiency of wind powered pumped storage,
> where wind powered pumps move water up hill, and "conventional hydro" 
> generates the power.

Up to a point, efficiency is only a factor in the cost of the power:
it's essentially free power, you only need it to be efficient enough to
amortize the capital cost and cover maintenance, the rest is gravy.  If
that's the easiest way to deal with the variability of the wind, so be it...

> If you installed them. colocated with existing hydro dams the cost of test
> facilities would be small.

The one I'm familiar with, I used to live near: Grand Coulee Dam/Banks
Lake: it's setup so that excess power from the dam is used to pump water
up to Banks Lake, and which can then be used for additional power
capacity at peak times.  Being out in the western washington wasteland
(well, from my perspective, particularly as a kid stuck out in the
middle of it ;-) ), I'd be surprised if there weren't already wind farms
around there.  Tying into the feed from the dam would be a natural, and,
though I seem to recall somewhere saying they actually weren't fast
enough, I would think that hydro *would* be something that would be
easily and quickly adjustable to work in tandem with wind...

> All that being said.. Coal still accounts for the largest single fraction
> of power generation, at 48%.

Which is what we want to change

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