[Oeva-list] OEVA on KATU tonight at 6 pm

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Fri Apr 1 14:32:06 PDT 2011

KATU was out filming my Insight this afternoon for a news story on the mileage 
tax for EV's. It will be aired at 6 tonight. I gave Tim a ride around the 
block, and there might be some footage of that.

Of course, they asked me about my feelings regarding the proposed EV mileage 
tax. I had thought about submitting comments (they are due today), but due to 
a bad sinus infection I did not get to it.

I said I am more than happy to pay my fair share--even more than my fair share 
if that helps us develop EV infrastructure so that we can go more places, 
increasing the value of our EV. 

I indicated that we should avoid increasing the cost of an EV--we don't want 
to require a $500 device to collect $50 a year in road taxes. We used to 
simply pay more to register an EV to make up for the gas tax reduction. For 
the near term, even if the most optimistic EV deployment projections are met, 
there will not be enough to make any significant financial benefit for road 
maintenance. Longer term it may make sense when all cars are equipped to do 
this (and we are not being discriminated against by having to do this 
earlier). Between a base charge, and a tax on the DC quick charge stations 
(for those of us doing longer trips), it should be easy let us pay a 
reasonable amount.

As an example, I mentioned the PUC idea of having us install an expensive 
second meter to save very little for EV charging. Our electricity is cheaper 
than California, and the PGE TOU rate (since we charge mostly at night) is 
very close to the proposed EV rate with no up-front cost for a second meter.

The initial cost is the major barrier to EV adoption. We save big on fuel 
costs and maintenance, but the initial price of a vehicle with adequate range 
is still much more than a gas car. So adding more initial costs to the EV will 
just slow adoption and negate other policy initiatives. 

I did mention that as income tax payers, we pay for guarding the straits of 
Hormuz for oil shipments, but have no direct benefit. 

I wish I had thought of the benefit to gas cars of not increasing their gas 
price due to the reduction in demand of those of us not using gas. We're 
saving every gas owner money by not competing with them. This needs to be 
quantified before we can use it as an argument.

Anyway, it was a long interview, so it will be interesting to see which 5-
second sound bytes are used on the air.


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