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OEVA members,

I received a nice note back from one of the SEVA members. He mentions that
he may be available to present a more in depth presentation on this concept.


John P. Christian

OEVA Chairperson

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Security Bill


Hello John,


Been having similar thoughts here in Seattle, but on a homeowner scale.
Permit me to explain.


For a given household, 50% of the carbon footprint and 60% of energy
consumption results from fossil fuel pumped into the gas tank of the family

This means that trading in the ICE vehicle for an EV can eliminate 50% of
household CO2 and 60% of fossil energy dependency.  To achieve these

replacing the gas pump with rooftop PV (3kW per vehicle) achieves net zero
energy off the grid and zero emissions.  Viola !  Energy Security, with a PV
payback of 6-8 yrs.


If you find this interesting I can offer a ppt presentation to OEVA on my
next trip to Portland (family visit), which provides independently
verifiable open source internet links as well as computations used to reach
these conclusions.  


Thanks for keeping us informed on this issue.


Tracy Farwell


Solar WA Board


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Subject: [seva] FW: Merkley and Snowe Introduce Bipartisan Energy Security


[John's reply] Interesting...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          Contact:
Julie Edwards (Merkley) - 202-224-8841
March 30, 2011
Kathryn Bruns (Snowe) - 202-224-1304

Merkley and Snowe Introduce Bipartisan Energy Security Bill

Legislation Establishes National Energy Security Council to Reduce
Dependence on Foreign Oil

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As President Obama discussed strategies to reduce
American dependence on foreign oil Wednesday, Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR)
and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) introduced bipartisan legislation that sets a goal
of ending America's dependence on overseas oil by 2030.  The Energy Security
Act of 2011 would establish a National Energy Security Council charged with
keeping the nation's focus on this goal even as presidential administrations
change.  The Council would report directly to the President to establish
specific targets and oversee and coordinate federal programs to reduce oil

"America's addiction to foreign oil is a severe threat looming over our
nation's economic and national security - and that threat is growing larger
every year," Senator Merkley said.  "By continuing to place our energy
security in the hands of nations that don't have our best interests in mind,
we leave American families and businesses vulnerable to spikes in gas prices
and a severing of the nation's fuel supply.  Establishing a National Energy
Security Council will elevate oil independence from rhetoric to policy,
putting America on the road to greater security and a stronger economy."

"It is imperative we achieve energy independence, especially as gas prices
continue to rise while tumult ensues in oil-rich regions of the world," said
Senator Snowe.  "Make no mistake, our government has failed to develop a
concrete energy policy that reflects the value independence brings to our
economy and our security.  Focusing on reducing our dependence on foreign
oil will elevate the urgency of this national discussion and ensure we
develop a long-term plan to achieve results for the American people."

Every American President since Richard Nixon has called for reducing the
nation's dependence on foreign oil, yet oil imports have continued to rise.
To achieve the aggressive goal of eliminating America's dependence on
overseas oil in the next 20 years, the Energy Security Act of 2011 would
have the President and the National Energy Security Council develop a
national oil independence plan that would include a timetable for achieving
oil independence and provide recommendations to Congress for legislation
that would reduce oil consumption and promote oil independence.  The council
would be made up of top national experts on energy, the economy, and the
environmental implications of energy, as well as the Secretaries of Energy,
Transportation, Treasury, Commerce, and Defense, and the Administrator of
the EPA.  It would be housed within the White House and is modeled on the
National Economic Council.


John P. Christian

OEVA Chairperson

(503) 704-2155


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Subject: FW: Merkley and Snowe Introduce Bipartisan Energy Security Bill


FYI-I thought you might be interested in today's release


John Valley

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U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley

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ph: 503-326-3395

fax: 503-326-2900

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Sign up for Senator Merkley's <http://merkley.senate.gov/newsletter/>

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Subject: Merkley and Snowe Introduce Bipartisan Energy Security Bill


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