[Oeva-list] Others Having Trouble with Electro Automotive?

Richard Hamje richard at hamje.net
Fri Apr 1 19:18:38 PDT 2011

Hi Pete,

I am sorry to report that I had the same problem with EA last year.  I posted messages like yours on forums and got dozens of responses, all but two negative.  Here is what I did:

I sent a registered letter to their US mail address in Felton.  My letter contained their original order and every email I had ever gotten from them (all six) promising delivery ins a few weeks.  I promised a small claims action and a letter to the consumer protection offices in California and Oregon (and I was ready to follow through with my "threat").

Shari sent me an email and a month later I got most of the stuff I was shorted.  They never delivered my DC/DC converter.  The stuff they did deliver was not exactly what I ordered, but I made it work.   I never received any acknowledgement that they had done anything wrong, or that they still owed me anything.

A couple months later, Mike Brown posted on the EVDL saying that they were super-busy, he had health problems, etc. etc.  I posted back to him, suggesting that if he was serious about being an honest business he would at least apologize to the many people he had screwed.  No response.  I reported EA to the BBB of Santa Cruz.  They never got any response from him and EA now has an "F" rating.  I contacted everyone who had linked to them (other EV sites) and complained that they should not be promoting a business like EA.  Many took down their links.

I gave up at that point.  The man is a pioneer in EV conversions and his book is our bible, so I feel uncomfortable saying bad things about him.  But the simple fact is: his business is now a scam, he is an unapologetic crook and he should probably be in jail.  

For you, I would suggest a very direct, demanding letter followed up by a letter from your attorney.  If you used a credit card and it's still within the time window, dispute the transaction quickly.  Even if the time window has passed, I would suggest disputing anyway - you might get lucky.

Worst case, I think you need to be prepared that you are out whatever they still owe you.

If you post your query on EVDL, you will probably find another dozen people in the same boat.  I am sorry I ever dealt with EA, and I am sorry for you...

Best luck,

Hello All,  I am an OEVA member in Ashland but new to this forum.  I am 
curious to know if others have recently worked with Electro Automotive 
in Felton, CA.  This is Shari Prang and Mike Brown who I always thought 
were "go-to" people in the conversion business.  In any case, I have had 
tremendous difficulty getting them to contact me since I sent the money 
for my motor, adapter  and some other items.  I then found some recent 
blog postings by others experiencing even worse problems.  Does anyone 
in Portland know anything about similar problems and perhaps any 
solutions?  Thanks,  Pete Jorgensen

Richard Hamje
Portland, OR
richard at hamje.net
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