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While we are excited about the new Leaf we also send our condolences and
best wishes to those directly impacted by the devastating earthquake and
tsunami in Japan. 


Delivery Update...


John P. Christian

OEVA Chairperson

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To: John Christian
Subject: Nissan LEAF: Delivery timing / Events in Japan


 Nissan LEAF Update

John, like all of us, we are sure you are concerned with recent events in
Japan over the last few weeks. As a result of those events, you might have
noticed the delivery timing on your "my account" page has been changed to

Since some of our plants are resuming production again, we are in the
process of scheduling your order. As soon as revised estimated delivery
timing becomes available, we will refresh your "my account" page.

We will make sure we continue to update you regularly regarding delivery of
your Nissan LEAFT.

Thank you for your continued support.


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North America, Inc. 

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This e-mail was sent in response to your interest in Nissan LEAFT and will
provide you information about the status of your reservation. This is not a
promotional e-mail from Nissan. If you have previously elected not to
receive promotional e-mails from Nissan we will continue to honor your
request and only contact you with transactional information tied to your
Nissan LEAF reservation. 

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