[Oeva-list] EV Project in West Linn

Chris Arnesen chris at darkstarpro.com
Tue Apr 5 19:07:08 PDT 2011

I received the following email this afternoon regarding a proposal for 
the City of West Linn to purchase a 2011 Nissan LEAF as well as install 
two Blink charging stations at the West Linn City Hall.

I plan on being in attendance at this meeting since I work on 14th & 
Willamette Falls Drive in West Linn and will be expressing my support 
for their plan as proposed with one exception. I'll be suggesting that 
they encourage electric vehicle charging at the Willamette Park given 
the large number of power outlets (120 volt as well as 240 volt) 
directly next to parking lot areas.

Hopefully I can make some headway in showing that a "fancy" charging 
station isn't necessary to support the basic plan. If you're able to 
attend, please do so! If not, feel free to share any comments and I'll 
try to incorporate them into my comment period, thanks!

Chris Arnesen

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Subject: 	EV Project in West Linn
Date: 	Tue, 5 Apr 2011 16:33:40 -0700
From: 	Pelz, Zach <zpelz at westlinnoregon.gov>

Good afternoon;

At their April 11, 2011, meeting, the West Linn City Council is 
scheduled to hear a staff presentation regarding the City's involvement 
in the EV (electric-vehicle) project and to consider a recommendation 
for the purchase of an all electric Nissan LEAF EV and two 
publicly-available EV charging stations at West Linn City Hall.  Staff 
will also be recommending that the City Council direct staff to continue 
to work with ECOtality, the US Dept. of Energy and local stakeholders to 
identify additional EV charging locations in West Linn.  As each of you 
has been involved in the development of this recommendation, we would 
sincerely appreciate your participation in the April 11 discussion.

*What:* EV Project discussion

*Where:* West Linn City Hall, 22500 Salamo Rd., West Linn, OR 97068

*When:* Monday, April 11, 2011, 6:30 pm

The materials related to this agenda item are available through the City 
of West Linn website at the following location: 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments 
regarding this matter.

Thank you,




Zach Pelz, AICP

zpelz at westlinnoregon.gov <mailto:zpelz at westlinnoregon.gov>

/Special Projects Planner /

22500 Salamo Rd.

West Linn, OR 97068

P: (503) 723-2542

F: (503) 656-4106

Web: westlinnoregon.gov <http://westlinnoregon.gov>

/_West Linn Sustainability_/ Please consider the impact on the 
environment before printing a paper copy of this email.

/_Public Records Law Disclosure_/ This e-mail is subject to the State 
Retention Schedule and may be made available to the public.

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