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Lawrence Winiarski lawrence_winiarski at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 17:03:35 PDT 2011

Why do you think everyone drives like you?   

There are lots of 200 mile range EV's now...and more are coming.

Why should they have to pay 2-4x more in road tax than a gas car?

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> > We are getting royally screwed here people.
> 1.43 cents/mile at 12000 miles/year works out to
> $14/mo.  12000 miles is
> more than most people are going to be putting on an EV
> until the fast
> charging infrastructure is built out.  I'm putting
> about 1500 on mine,
> and *may* do 2-3000 with the Leaf until it's practical to
> drive to
> Portland with it, in which case I'll probably double or
> triple that.  If
> I were still in Portland, with something the range of a
> Leaf, I'd
> probably doing 8-10K local, so you guys are probably closer
> to that.
> I have a hard time calling $14/mo "royally screwed" or a
> severe
> impediment to ev adoption.
> I think fairness dictates squawking a bit on the principle
> of the
> matter, but the numbers are too small to justify outrage.
> On the other hand, an extra $170 at registration time would
> be a pain,
> and even though $100/yr ev surcharge makes sense from a
> simplicity
> standpoint, it's still a burden.  It would be nice to
> have a way to
> spread it out a little.  Those numbers would make
> someone in Washington
> or California laugh though --- they'd love to have
> registration costs
> that low, from what I understand...
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