[Oeva-list] tax bill front page of the paper today

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Mon Apr 11 18:04:14 PDT 2011

On 4/11/11 5:03 PM, Lawrence Winiarski wrote:
> Why do you think everyone drives like you?   

I expect that those whose numbers are different will say so.  That said,
however, when I was in Portland, I was putting in 22K miles/year. After
I moved to Corvallis that only dropped down to "average" numbers of
12-14K/yr after I stopped driving to Portland every other weekend.  So I
expect my numbers to be high numbers.

I used to make a big point of going to the gas station that had the
lowest price (and wasn't completely flybynight).  Then I thought about
the 10gal fillup that was typical, and the $.45 fee for using a debit
card (at Arcos, usually the cheapest) and realized that that added 5
cents/gal to the cost, and even a 10 cent price difference still
amounted to 50 cents on a $30 fillup.  I stopped worrying about it so

Fairness concerns dictate raising the question, but the absolute numbers
just don't justify outrage.

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