[Oeva-list] Taxing older conversions

Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
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Same with my 1920 Milburn Light Electric in Oregon, which has Antique
Vehicle one-time registration: www.evalbum.com/348



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My Karmann Ghia conversion has collector's plates (WA) so there's never
another annual registration, unless I ask for it.  I'm expecting it'll slide
under any EV Tax radar for at least a few years....



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I'm not sure I see a way to tax pre-deq conversion vehicles, those '73 and 
older.??? How is the state going to know if a 1965 mini has been converted? 
Looks like there's your free ride.?? Not that there will be a lot of those,
the old VW Beetles seem to be popular candidates. 
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