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Mon Apr 11 19:41:18 PDT 2011

Chris and all,
I really like the way Chris put it.
Just in case you don't have access to facebook his comments were:

"I've been asked many, many times in the last 24 hours about the proposed
electric vehicle road tax here in Oregon. Here's some info to nibble on:

In a 2011 Prius, the tax per mile is 0.62¢.

In a 2011 Ford Focus, the tax per mile is 1.07¢.

In a 2011 Chevy Equinox SUV, the tax per mile is 1.19¢.

Based on the EPA fuel economy rating of 99 MPG (equivalent), my 2011
Nissan LEAF should have a tax per mile of 0.31¢.

Our Oregon legislature instead wants to charge me 4.6 TIMES that amount,
1.43¢ per mile. That's more than the Prius, more than the Ford Focus, even
more than a SUV! They would have to raise the gas tax from 31¢ per gallon
to over $1.40 for the tax to be equivalent.

Would you be happy paying $5.00 per gallon for gasoline right now?"

My comments (Gene)
I wouldn't put it up as "Our Oregon Legislature" even though one on the
committee is "my" state senator.

I would suggest that as a non-profit group we can supply accurate
information to educate our legislature on the unintended consequences if
this bill passed. I don't think we as a group can lobby in the name of the
OEVA. We can certainly have these lively discussions though and I
appreciate everybody's opinion. Perhaps we can supply each of our state
representatives some other ways to look at the problem though a different
lens, as Chris's simple summary put it.

Thanks again Chris!

Gene Fifield

> My comments can be found on my Facebook page:
> http://www.facebook.com/notes/chris-arnesen/oregon-proposed-electric-vehicle-road-tax/197234526981338
> Sincerely,
> Chris Arnesen
>> http://www.oregonlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2011/04/oregons_electric_car_owners_sh.html
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