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Tue Apr 12 10:22:54 PDT 2011

Hi all,
I have two motors I want to sell.  They are at opposite ends of the  
One is a Warp 11 if anyone is interested.  Never used, sitting in its  box 
and I will discount it heavily to $2500.
The other is a mars motor (ME 708), that is rated at 24 to 48 volts  
nominal.  I have been using it in my quad which has not had too much  use.  
Primarily goes down to the mail box and back once in a  while.  During the snow 
though, I took it out to play, and over heated a  couple of the hold down 
screws and baked the varnish on those wires to those  brushes.  Since that was 
the case, I have replaced the brush ring and  brushes and it is I would 
think, as good as new.  They normally sell for  between $435 and $500.  I would 
like to sell it for $325.
Please give me a call if you have any questions.  You may need to  leave a 
message because of my work.  You can also of course respond to my  email.
360) 560-4612
Wade Patterson

"Duty is ours. The results are God's" John  Quincy Adams
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