[Oeva-list] Aerocoupe electathon racer for sale

Hodgert, Mike mhodgert at bethel.k12.or.us
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Or you can challenge yourself to design and build one from the ground up and make a fun, rewarding, and educational vehicle.  Not street legal but they do scoot and are a great way to get the rush of a race in a vehilce that you can build from the ground up for under $1500.  We have races throughout Oregon and Washington and the nation.  This spring there is a race almost every weekend.  The next race in Portland is not until Memorial weekend at Portland intrnational Raceway  We race Saturday and Sunday 2 times a day plus a 1/8th mile drag race Saturday evening.  Yes I have my own car along with the 15 to 20 cars my students design and build each year.
Check out the web site at www.ElectrathonAmerica.org   There is a forum you can get to from the home page along with race schedules, rule/handbook, etc.
Mike Hodgert-
--President of Electrathon America 
--Physics and Engineering teacher from Willamette High School in Eugene


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Too much fun.
Put your butt where your mouth is and race electric!
fun electrathon class racing all spring and summer

This is a very aero competitive racer. see pics at

Go fast on 1/4 cent per hour.


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