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Tue Apr 12 18:37:40 PDT 2011

Congrats on the Leaf delivery there Alan. I must say I am very jealous in a
happy way. Perhaps you could join us at the meeting Thursday night.

Thanks for sharing the news.

Best wishes,

John P. Christian
OEVA Chairperson
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An interesting and busy day:

The blink installer called to schedule the "car in a box" test; he'd
wanted to put it off to next Friday (the 22nd), but I told him the car
would be here before then (email said this week, but people in the
forums have been saying 10-15 days after the 7 day notice, which would
be next week, but still before next Friday), so he arranged for this

Then, at lunch, I got the call from the dealer that it's here, and will
be ready to pick up tomorrow.

After lunch, I meet the installer at home and when we first plug in the
blink, nothing happens.  We reboot it (power cycle) and with all the
switches on the tester off, the instructions say the blink should say
it's charging with a counter.  No, it says "Not Charging" in a big
orange screen.  It starts charging when you flip the switch to "Charge"
in the tester.  After that, all the tests pass fine (it charges a bit,
passes some internal tests, then you flip a "light leakage" test that
isn't supposed to trip anything, then you flip a "heavy leakage" switch
that causes a big red "Power Fault" screen).

I'd done the lease credit pre-qual when I first got my "delivery the
week of the 20th" notice, and of course, it expired *yesterday*, so I
went into the dealer and did the initial lease paperwork and saw the car
sitting at the charger.  It was all charged, but they hadn't run it
through the service checkin/update process yet, so I'll pick it up
tomorrow early afternoon.  Apparently I'm the first in Corvallis after
the dealer himself...

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