[Oeva-list] picked up Nissan Leaf from dealer last night

Ken Bookstein kenboo4 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 14:04:01 PDT 2011

We picked up our Nissan Leaf from Nissan Gladstone yesterday evening.
Everything went pretty smoothly. I was told this was the first leaf they
sold at the dealership. The drive home was amazing. Totally silent.

At first, when I plugged in the Blink charger, it did not recognize that the
car was attached. I turned off the breaker to the charger, then turned it on
again, and that seemed to make it recognize the car. It started charging a
short time later. The charger makes a fairly arresting "click" sound as it
begins charging. The front of the car, behind the windshield, has some eerie
blue LED lights that glow as it is charging, a very nice, kind of mysterious
touch. One can hear the faint hum of a fan as it is charging. I got an
interesting message on the info panel on the blink charger, something along
the lines of "The electric utility has delayed charging until 9:57 pm." Not
sure what that means.

Very exciting!
I drove the car to work this morning for the first time. Got lots of
questions, as expected.

Some initial terrible pictures I took:





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