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Thu Apr 14 16:10:41 PDT 2011

Yep, we had to sign the same disclosure.

My only issue is that it is providing only one situation which is ideal,
and 5 situations which are far from ideal.

What I'm more interested in is a performance curve at 68 degrees F at the
various speeds with climate control off, just like Tesla has done. For
example, that "highway" number could be closer to 80 miles per charge
without the climate control on, or maybe I'm able to go 30 MPH in the
winter with climate control on?

What really bugs me is that every UK Nissan dealership is getting a DC
Quick Charger installed and our dealers were only required to do Level 2
units... We would have an awesome DC Quick Charge network if things were
different here.


> One of the multitude of papers I had to sign yesterday when picking up
> the Leaf was a "disclosure", which included these range estimate examples:
> Ideal conditions: 138 miles
>   Speed: 38mph
>   Temp: 68F
>   Climate control: Off
> Suburban, nice day: 105 miles
>   Speed: 24mph
>   Temp: 72F
>   Climate control: Off
> Highway, summer: 70 miles
>   Speed: 55mph
>   Temp: 95F
>   Climate control: On
> Cross-town, hot day: 68 miles
>   Speed: 49mph
>   Temp: 110F
>   Climate control: On
> Winter, stop-and-go: 62 miles
>   Speed: 15mph
>   Temp: 14F
>   Climate control: On
> The Highway estimate is particularly telling, and in line with what I
> saw when I made a test run last night:  Corvallis to the freeway (10
> miles @60mph), freeway to Albany (6 miles @70mph), Albany to Corvallis
> on Hwy 20 (15 miles, 10 @ 55mph).  Plus about 8 miles of this and that
> getting the car and juggling the old car for 38 miles when I plugged it
> in at home, and it was at half charge.
> The key part is the 6 miles @70mph on I-5 --- the range estimator was
> dropping a mile for every 1/2 mile I travelled, whereas it was only
> dropping slight faster than a mile per mile at 55-60 on Hwy 20.  At that
> rate, I'd barely make Salem...
> That range is noticeably reduced at freeway speeds isn't terribly
> unexpected, but I was expecting the 70 mile range to be at 65, not 55,
> with the 100 mile range being at slower speeds (as it is).  It makes me
> pessimistic about the viability of the fast charge stations in enabling
> cross-country travel, but this was one simple, crude, eyeball test.
> I'll be doing more experiments, of course, to see how it goes.  I still
> think it's a perfect metro area car, and I love driving it; it's just
> going to make hash of my plans on driving it to Portland when the fast
> chargers get installed...
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