[Oeva-list] maiden voyage of Leaf

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Mon Apr 18 00:23:20 PDT 2011

On 4/17/11 10:04 PM, Theoldcars at aol.com wrote:
> Hello Alan
> I read all of your post on the trip and that was a real adventure. It
> sounds like you drove by West Hills Collision Center on Barbur? Not sure
> if it would have helped you but there is a J1772 charger there. I also
> have a 20 amp 120 volt plug in a box mounted next to the Blink charging
> station. 

Yes, I went past there and thought about stopping, but at that point,
it's all down hill to the wtc so there wasn't much point.

> When they install more Fast charge locations or the Leaf comes with a
> 6.6 kW charger trips like yours will be easier.

Yup; I got the Leaf with the understanding that those would be going in
eventually.  This was basically a "I wonder what I can do now?" trip...

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