[Oeva-list] maiden voyage of Leaf

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Mon Apr 18 00:37:16 PDT 2011

On 4/17/11 9:26 PM, Lanny Thomason wrote:
> Thanks for the great blow by blow on your weekend run !!! amazing even
> though you do not have the infrastucture needed for the EV's totally yet
> I know you listed a couple of sites to get your travel arangements , I know
> that there was going to be a application for all the chargers ? is that
> available
> yet ?

That was one of the disappointments: the "carwings" app in the Leaf is
supposed to show where chargers are, but it didn't know anything until I
programmed in a "home" location.  At that point it found the one at the
dealer and the one at Linn-Benton, but not another one that is supposed
to be downtown here in Corvallis, and even when I told it to update, it
didn't know about the one in McMinnville, nor even most of the ones in
Portland (though I didn't try hard there, as I knew where I was going).
 It's supposed to show them on the nav system, but it never did.

> does anyone know ...  I live in eugene and have a 70 mile range
> with my ranger ev and want to take a trip to portland but going up I-5
> with the chance of not having a charger available can give anyone range
> anxiety ....  but if there is a app. available to take with you with a cell
> or pad it would be great ...

If you have a 70 mile range and a 1772 port, you could do the same thing
I did: go up 99w to Corvallis' nissan dealer (or downtown, though I need
to refresh on where those are...hmmm, electric.carstations.com shows the
location downtown, but not what's there --- I'll check it out tomorrow),
then up to McMinnville, then to downtown Portland --- that will get you
40-50 mile hops.

>   also does anyone have a list yet of the proposed charging stations that
> will be installed up and down I-5 and the dates they will be installed ?

Someone said q4; I saw something late last week about them breaking
ground on one in Blaine, WA, near the border, so it looks like they're
going to work their way south linearly.  It would have been nice if
they'd have put in the most useful ones first, but at least they're
doing it...

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