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Anne Perretta pctphoenix at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 18 08:07:10 PDT 2011

We recently bought a classic, small, bungalow in NE Portland (with a new 
electrical box installed). We have been slowly restoring our home to its 
historical look, so compromise to that look would not be permitted. We had our 
electrical box inspection in October 2010 and were given the green light by 
Oregon Electric Group (OEG). When it came time for Installation a worker came 
out and told us we needed to have an Electrical Box installed in the detached 
garage because the OEG inspector in October had made a mistake. The distance 
from the garage to the house is very short. During the installation the worker 
actually cut into and removed a section of the antique rain shelf on our home so 
his conduit could be attached flush to the house. When he made the hole in the 
garage wood siding, the bottom board split and is now missing. I can see into 
the garage from the outside, now. These workers were at our home, off and on, 
for 13 hours or more ( and the job still is not complete), so we did not stand 
over them and watch them while they worked. (They left and returned continuously 
throughout the day). We intend to have our contractor come out and try to 
restore the rain shelf that has been sliced into and removed and to have our own 
electrician come out and re-mount the box without having to damage our home. 
Some of you may not care about cutting into those antique sections of your home, 
but some may, and this is just a warning that you should make it clear to 
workers what you will or will not permit. We would not have minded hiring our 
own electrician in advance to come and mount a box so that it did not damage the 
rain shelf. It just really never occurred to us, in our wildest imaginations, 
that the OEG worker would cut into the shelf and the beautiful, decorative trim 
underneath, to mount the box. As it is, we now have to hire our own electrician, 
anyway, and a contractor to try and repair the damage. Anne Perretta
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