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Good luck with contractors Anne.  They're a mixed bag and results vary.  We
had a solar grid-tie system installed last year only to be told afterwards
by the city inspector that, "oh [by the way], we have a problem---your
electric panel and service entry is non-compliant and needs to be fixed."
With $2300 later, we got a new service entry and main panel and the system
approved.  All's good, but had we known ahead of time that to go solar we'd
have to add $5500 for a new half-roof plus that $2300 for a new panel, we'd
not have chosen to go solar.  Before that we had top of the line fiberglass
windows installed only to find that 10-months later the sealer they used
between the siding and the windows was peeling loose---not from our house,
but from the new window frames!

Before that, we had a chimney sweep come in to clean our flues---all went
well until he got his brush stuck and couldn't get it out.  We paid him in
full and waited 5-months for him to call to schedule pulling out the brush.
"I'm waiting for a tool" we were told.  Same excuse 3 months later.  At
9-months, he stopped taking our calls.  Then despite taking the case to the
CCB, he was unresponding until the inspection date---and then, now 14-months
with brush stuck in chimney, his proposed resolution?  Cut a hole in our
chimney, remove the brush and put in a cleanout.  Having no confidence, I
settled for our money back.  The next day I built a $10 tool myself and
removed the brush within 5-minutes.  What a loser.


And in routing plumbing or electrical, you do need to know your house, know
the possibilities and figure the path and advise.  They don't care much what
it will look like.  Our solar installer couldn't even tell that our solar
panels were being installed crooked until I pointed it out to him and he
advised his team to shift them to line up with the roof lines.  The roofers,
despite my telling them that I had $3000 of fiberglass windows that they
needed to protect, dove right in to demolition without putting any
protection up---asphalt shingles were landing on the sill of our brand new
windows---only when I came out screaming did they bring out the plywood
sheets.  Two brand new window screens were ripped by these guys also.


Finally, it took 9-months before PGE sent out their electricians to finalize
the main service connections-something that was ensured would happen within
30days.  It probably would never have happened had it not been for the local
Solarize Portland rep intervening on my behalf.


Apologies for the drift-


-Myles Twete

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We recently bought a classic, small, bungalow in NE Portland (with a new
electrical box installed). We have been slowly restoring our home to its
historical look, so compromise to that look would not be permitted. We had
our electrical box inspection in October 2010 and were given the green light
by Oregon Electric Group (OEG). When it came time for Installation a worker
came out and told us we needed to have an Electrical Box installed in the
detached garage because the OEG inspector in October had made a mistake. The
distance from the garage to the house is very short. During the installation
the worker actually cut into and removed a section of the antique rain shelf
on our home so his conduit could be attached flush to the house. When he
made the hole in the garage wood siding, the bottom board split and is now
missing. I can see into the garage from the outside, now. These workers were
at our home, off and on, for 13 hours or more ( and the job still is not
complete), so we did not stand over them and watch them while they worked.
(They left and returned continuously throughout the day). We intend to have
our contractor come out and try to restore the rain shelf that has been
sliced into and removed and to have our own electrician come out and
re-mount the box without having to damage our home. Some of you may not care
about cutting into those antique sections of your home, but some may, and
this is just a warning that you should make it clear to workers what you
will or will not permit. We would not have minded hiring our own electrician
in advance to come and mount a box so that it did not damage the rain shelf.
It just really never occurred to us, in our wildest imaginations, that the
OEG worker would cut into the shelf and the beautiful, decorative trim
underneath, to mount the box. As it is, we now have to hire our own
electrician, anyway, and a contractor to try and repair the damage. 

Anne Perretta


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