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Your post made me laugh. I use to run out of gas as a  teenager once in a 
while. At the time it seem like gas was 4 dollars a  gallon when general 
labor was being paid a 1.50 an hour. 
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For  those worried about range anxiety in an EV:  Raise your hand if you 
have  ever run out of gas, or been with someone who did, even though there are 
more  than 126,000 gas stations in the US?  I think we’ve all been there, 
but  nobody told us we shouldn’t have an ICE because we might run out of  
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Hello  Steve

I  think Pat's post does well at pointing out. The fun and challenge of  
driving an EV with the current EV infrastructure. I also agree its  not going 
to be long before there are many more charging  options.

I  have managed to make a few trips well beyond my range with a little  
planning and no loss of time. Of the 70,000 plus miles I  have driven all 
electric. Only a few hundred miles involved any  limitation of range. As I think 
back it is these few planned  trips that stand out. I remember them as  
being a memorable and a general overall fun experience.  Back then there were no 
charging stations so businesses with  240 volts, dryer plugs or RV parks 
were about the only road charging options.  I never went on an extended drive 
without my assortment of plug  adapters and extension cords but never a 
generator. With a 6.6  kW 240 volt charger it would have taken a very large 
generator so that  was not something I was willing to pack  around.

Personally  I like removing my dependence on oil for local transportation 
for many  reasons. One of them is the vast majority of miles for myself and 
for  many people is local trips of less than 40 miles. There  was in all my 
miles only a couple of trips that exceed the range of  one charge. Range 
anxiety is usually brought up by ICE drivers  who fear not having a vehicle with 
say 300 miles of range. When they only  drive 40 miles a day or less. 

It is  not uncommon for a person or a family to have two vehicles. Making 
one of  them an EV is an option to consider. For myself a little S-10 pick up 
was  ideal. It hauls around things that would not fit or loads you would  
not want to put in a car. It would carry up to three people although two is  
better. It is also a vehicle I would prefer not to take on a long drive  
even if it was an ICE. 

Another  idea for range anxiety is to just rent an ICE when you need it. If 
your going  to put on miles from an extended trip this would be a good time 
to rent a  vehicle as the need comes up. 

It is  possible to drive over a hundred miles a day with an EV I did that 
years  ago with a lead acid S-10. The only limitation is timing and where 
your  driving. 

Since  your on this list I assume you have an interest in electric 
vehicles. I was  curious what is it you find interesting about them or do you have 
an  application your considering?


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> Great report  Chris.
> Another case of range anxiety successfully  defeated.
> John P. Christian
> OEVA  Chairperson

Range anxiety defeated? Really?

Let's see.. in one  days stories we have a simple trip, taking less than one
tank of gas in  an ICE, that required repeated stops to "refuel". In some 
"fuel"  wasn't available when expected because they had turned the power  
Several stops for meals, and expensive chocolate and a nites  lodging.. And
several side visits to wait for charging. And the ever  popular, don't leave
home without your CPAP! You NEVER know when you will  need it!

This looks like successfully defeating anxiety by drowning  in Valium.

I can imagine that ever Leaf will have a little Honda  generator and a
couple of 5 gallon cans of gas, just to make sure the  charger you need is
available, when you need  it.



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I am seeing signs that at least one  person needs some Valium.

Alan and Chris shared their stories and  both of them seemed to enjoy their
trip. Sure there were a few bumps in  the road, but they did not become 
adopters because they are filled  with trepidation. Just the opposite, they
are pioneering  spirits.

A year from now there will be thousands of more charging  stations, the
telematics will have all the locations listed correctly,  and the drives
these two just did will be much easier. Until then, if  someone wants to 
their new car out for a drive, beyond the single  charge point of no-return,
they are in for adventure and I hope it turns  out well for them. And if 
well I hope that they get a good story  they can laugh about later.

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