[Oeva-list] the lone 'ranger'...

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Tue Apr 19 20:46:47 PDT 2011

> For those worried about range anxiety in an EV:  Raise your hand if you 
> have ever run out of gas, or been with someone who did, even though 
> there are more than 126,000 gas stations in the US? 
>  I think we've all been there, but nobody told us we shouldn't have an ICE 
> because we might run out of gas.
> wendy

Well, Wendy,

I haven't run out of gas in a very long time. The last time was spring
break week, in San Francisco, in 1994.

I was in a town I was unfamiliar with.. and, in a rented vehicle. And I was
actively looking for gas when I ran out.

I was about 3/4 of a block from a gas station, when it quit.

I was back on the road, in time to catch my flight home.

(And the time before that was 1977, when a rock fell off of a truck ahead 
of me and sliced a gash in my gas tank, I coasted into my destination, out
of gas. Patched the tank in the parking lot with expoy, and drove it home
that night, after work. Borrowed enough gas from a lawn care service working
across the street to get to the gas station.)

That's a little different than having to stay the night while my
car recharges! And instead of facing the prospect every 100 miles, it
was more like every 400 miles - the better part of a days driving.

Things will get better with EV's eventually, as battery performance is
better characterized, leading to better milage predictions, as tools to
forcast demand get better and as range improves.. but for now, it's a 
"fanatics" car.


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