[Oeva-list] House Bill 2328

dipron06 dipron06 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 03:52:24 PDT 2011

It almost seems like there is someone with a fleet of poor gas mileage vehicles who is looking for a tax break thinking they will sneak this by now while the masses aren't noticing before EVs are more prominent. With the allowance of 5000 ICE vehicles to this deal that would be most beneficial to the least fuel efficient vehicles, someone with a few hundred vehicles could sneak in unnoticed and have a substantial tax break. They might think no one is going to fight an EV tax since the majority still isn't interested in them and they will sneak this in for their own tax benefit to take advantage of and abuse the system at the expense of the rest. So, they will have a tax break until they can swindle their way into the government paying to convert their fleet of vehicles to EVs when they are cheaper, more prevalent and possibly mandated.

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