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Just to let everyone know a little more about Lanny. He is  located in 
Eugene and is an expert on servicing the OEM Ford Ranger EV.  There are several 
ranger drivers in his family and a small fleet of Ranger  EVs in the area 
that would be lost without him. He  also provides an endless amount of hours 
helping  other Ranger EV owners across the nation. 
For a few years Lan has been working on LifePo4 upgrades with the  OEM 
Ranger trucks. Some of the upgrades have up to 100 miles of range.  Of course 
they are not inexpensive up front, but in the long run the cost  appears to be 
very reasonable. I say appears because the goal is to reach  100,000 or 
150,000 miles. Testing has been going on for quite some time and  results are 
very positive. It does however take years to put this kind of  miles on any 
Lan and I both drive over 10,000 miles a year all electric. If a battery is 
 not going to hold up putting this kind of mileage on we quickly find  out. 
We both tried using lead acid batteries at first but the results were very  
disappointing. Lead will work in some low service applications but as loads 
 and cycles increase so does the failure rate. 
As Lan stated his post is factual. Its his experience gained  from years of 
driving electric and servicing EVs. I have known Lan for years and  the EV 
community has definitely been helped by his involvement. 
Check out his web site I think many of you would find  it interesting. 
I have Lan's site listed in our web site under EV links. If   you want to 
see other interesting EV links I like take a look under EV links 
Anyone else have any favorite EV links?
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I did notice that there was a post  about the trips taken about taking less
then one tank of gas (one of them  was 234 miles of trip) with a 30 mile
to the gallon vehicle that is 7.8  gallons of fuel todays price a whopping
7.8 x $3.85 = $30.03   ...  thats a pretty good chunk of a days work to
pay for that  ......

I did not notice but that trip cost him charging at  other chargers ...
lets see $0 x $0 =  oh lets see free !
he would  have went out to eat with his friends even if he was driving
his ice  vehicle .......

and yes I noticed he was stuck ...  years  past I have driven up low on
fuel to a closed gas station at 11:30 at night  so this is expected until
there is more fuel stations .........

and  I am sure in the future you will have to pay for fueling up but right
now  its the bonus of going to new technology before everyone else and
yes  having a few bumps in the road ........

and I believe there will be a  lot of business owners out there with free
charging stations to get you to  come to their business to shop and do
whatever your daily things and needs  are , I dont see too many of
those places giving me free gas when I go to  the mall to shop right
now ......

but my business has had a charging  station in front of it since 2006
with locals using it every week ...   we have a lot more EV's then I 
ever thought once I put it in and started  handing out keys to the 
door enclosing it, I have a avcon inside the door  along with a 220V
outlet and a 110 volt outlet ....

we will be  updating it this summer once we have the requirements
and wiring of the new  j1772 finalized so all of them will be there ...

I have seen all the  ranting and raving about electricity ...
solar is no good when the sun goes  down (if you use it during the
day isn't the power still non-polluting  ?)
the wind does not blow all the time (isnt that why batteries are  
getting better ? to store the energy and use it later?)

and the big  one ... killing salmon to make electricity ..
I will no longer even comment  on this one as producing fossil
fuels cost hundreds of lives a year and the  oil spills getting it
where it goes and coast lines that are now dying from  oil spills...

and the last ones .. you know electricity is made from  generators
and coal ...  (lets just get real, its easier to clean up  the pollution
from a standing unit that is servicing thousands of people  with
filters and scrubbers then to try and clean up thousands of  cars)..

and the final thing we talk about all the time , I am not  sorry
I live on the west coast with some of the cheapest electricity
in  the country ... my last bill at my business .... 4.56 cents per
KWH  ......  approx. 90 cents a day for me to go 70 miles in
my LiFepo4  pack Ranger EV ..... (although I only drive 40
miles a day) approx.   $15 to $18 per month ... to go 1200 miles
I drive every day being self  employed .....
with my other pickup that used to be $250 to $300 a month  ..

I have driven my Ranger EV every day since june of 2006
these are  not toys or little golf carts , my Ranger is exactly
the same size as any  other ranger pickup ... I dont have
range anxiety with my daily driving  ...  If I had to drive
60 or 70 miles a day maybe I would but I dont  ....

Not ranting and raving just facts ...


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