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Hi  there, 
Hope you don’t mind a repost of some  electric things for sale.  My friend  
David Nelson has a Zilla described below for sale and I have a few motors.  
I want to upgrade my lawn mower and quad  to the larger mars motors and am 
selling my ME 708s.  They are in very good shape and would  work great for a 
go Kart or small motorcycle.  Use a controller who’s max current is  300 
amps.  The max continuous  current I have seen with these is 100 to 110 amps. 
These regularly sell for $435  to $500.  I want $295 for each of  them.   I 
have a new Warp 11  meant for a car or truck which I would sell for $2500.  
This would help me complete a motorcycle  conversion I plan on using a warp 
9 in.  Oh, I also have a 7.2 inch series wound motor that would work great 
for  72 to 96 volts which could work for a small car or a hot kart. This is  
Thank you for your  indulgence. 
Wade Patterson  (360)  560-4612 
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Subj: Zilla Z1K-HV with HEPI for  sale 
Hi  Wade,

Here is the info on my Zilla. Thanks for sending it on to the  OEVA.

The Zilla I have is one that Dave Delman used to run in his  Delorian
(http://evalbum.com/1482). He upgraded to a Z2K. I received this  unit
in May of 2009 and sent the Hairball to Otmar to have it upgraded  with
the -A and -P option. I also had him upgrade the firmware to the  then
current beta code, V2.12 with 2009 bootloader. At the same time I  also
bought the HEPA, the Palm IIIx, a couple of 500A 300VDC fuses and  the
experimental speed sensor from Otmar.

I have not connected it up  to any voltages but I'm sure it is a good
working unit. Davd Delman has a  good reputation on the EVDL so I don't
doubt his word on it. He even called  me to make sure I knew what I was
buying so I wouldn't blow things up out of  ignorance. Unfortunately my
daughter wrecked my donor vehicle and I've got  some other financial
challenges at the moment so it will be quite a while  before I can get
going on a conversion. That is why I'm selling this unit. I  hate to
see it sit when someone could put it to good use.

It has the  original "small parts" bag still sealed with one snubber
diode and Otmar  included 7 more when I had him do the upgrade so I
think you are set in that  area. The package includes the Z1K-HV
#Z1164, the HB2-286-AP, the "small  parts", the Palm IIIx with related
connecting hardware, and the Hall Effect  Pedal Assembly with 12' cord.
I'm not willing to break that package up. With  the upgrade I paid just
over $3000 for the package. I'd be willing to sell  the package for $2800.

I'm in Kelso, WA 98626. Feel free to call or text  me at 360-901-6466.

David D.  Nelson
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