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Hello Steve
I agree on many points in your post until you  say 
 "but for now, it's a "fanatics" car."
You are entitled to your point of view but you might consider the  
Most vehicles are a compromise of some sort.  A  high end sports car will 
do little else well. If you need to haul large heavy  items a pickup is a far 
better choice. If you have a family a mini van might be  the ideal vehicle. 
Just as there are many vehicles do some things very well  and for other 
uses are near worthless. There are many people who  have all three of the 
above. A fun sports car they might only drive once in  a while. A pick up or a 
vehicle capable of pulling a trailer. Then a general  household vehicle which 
many times ends up racking up the bulk of the local  trips. 
If a person has a sports car or a pick up I doubt most  people would 
consider either of them a fanatics  car. Around 90 percent of the general 
population drive less then 40  miles a day. I would say it is fanatical to require a 
vehicle that can  drive 300 miles if you only need 30 or 40 miles of range. 
Just as it makes sense to use the ICE model that fits the application.  Why 
not have an extra vehicle that is not powered by imported oil?  It  is 
logical to use an EV if it meets a majority of your transportation  
requirements. Unfortunately there is a vast misunderstanding of EVs by the  general 
population. I still get questioned all the time on how fast does it go?  Then a 
look of surprise on their face that an EV can exceed legal freeway  speeds. 
Lan brought up a good point that electric is a far less expensive fuel. It  
is also an energy supply we can one way or another manufacture here.  The 
more money a family has to pay for transportation the less funds  it has for 
other needs. Demand causes prices to increase so if  everyone uses oil we 
all have to pay more. There is no free lunch so that  quick fill up with 300 
miles of range is costing a far more then the price  at the pump.
My father who was an adult during the  great depression felt if you cannot 
afford to pay for something  in full you should not be buying it. As a 
nation we cannot afford our oil  imports. Our current solution of printing money 
that is worth less and less is  not sustainable. If we continue to pay for 
imported oil like this  it is only a matter of time until our economy 
collapses. It's not that gold  is going up in value the dollar is falling and 
falling hard. In the last 5  years the value of gold has increased 300 percent. 
Gold prices  for now are 1500 dollars an ounce. This is becoming a very 
unstable world market  when so much of our money is being held by other countries 
for oil. Other  countries are not going to continue to take our dollars 
when they keep going  down in value. For a while they will accept more dollars 
per barrel but for how  long?
In the long run the best solution is use as little energy from oil as  
possible. To use the Leaf as an example if it was a common vehicle it would  
vastly reduce our dependence on imported oil. Just like any other vehicle it is 
 not a 100 percent solution but it would work for the majority. Vehicles 
are  like tools and you should use the one you need to get the job done. If 
you don't  use a tool very often it is a common practice to go rent one. The 
same thought  process should be applied to vehicles. 
There are many reasons not to use oil for local transportation. Not  
everyone agrees if their all valid or if there are other good alternatives.  
However as a nation our future depends on what we do now. It is imperative  that 
we reduce our importing of oil as soon as possible.  It is a mistake  to put 
off what we can do today because it might be a slight inconvenience once  
in a while. 
Everyone knows the term freedom is not free. Freedom has a price  and in 
this case it might be our general population misconceptions and  fears 
enslaving our nation to a single fuel supply. If the majority of  people believe an 
EV is an inconvenient fanatic's vehicle our freedom  is linked to a gas 
station. A fuel we should not be buying because we are  not self sufficient and 
we cannot afford it. 

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Things  will get better with EV's eventually, as battery performance is
better  characterized, leading to better milage predictions, as tools to
forcast  demand get better and as range improves.. but for now, it's a 
"fanatics"  car.


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