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Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Sat Apr 23 18:14:48 PDT 2011

On Sun, 24 Apr 2011, John RA Benson wrote:

> Ok - I'll bite:
> On Apr 23, 2011, at 9:03 PM, Steve's Account wrote:
>> Electricity is cheap compared to gas per mile.. Some of that is due
>> to the fact that you don't pay the true cost per KWh. Were there a
>> carbon tax, and road tax, it would be a bit less economical.
>> In addition, many of the generation facilities and transmission facilities
>> have been paid for either by the government or by rate payers.
> has there been any government subsidy larger than what the US does to 
> protect "our national interests" than the billions we spend on wars to 
> keep oil flowing? Sorry for breaking protocol and bringing up politics, 
> but it's a fantasy to have any justification that we're still spending 
> billions on the middle east "to bring freedom and democracy" while 
> cutting school and social services at home. 
>  Those nuts holding up the budget in congress are pretending to be 
> 'cost-cutters' and getting away with ranting about cutting 50 million 
> or even a billion as if it's going to save the world, but nobody is 
> making a real effort in slashing the multiple billions on the war 
> machine. It's too late anyway. Bottom line is it's all an oil subsidy 
> we're all paying to keep the little economy we have moving. How 
> much would gas cost if we took those expenses and tagged it on at 
> the pump?

I can't really say that I believe that either Iraq or Afghanistan were
"for oil".. There isn't that much oil there.

Kuwait is another matter.. but Iraq wasn't a necessary followon to
Kuwait. I wouldn't have spent a single dime or spilled a single drop of
blood over either Iraq or Afghanistan.. largly because, once you break it,
you own it.

We got into and out of Kuwait in hours. Colin Powell wasn't after empire,
and he planned a way in and a way out.

No... I was acutally thinking of all the dams on the various rivers
like the Columbia, the Snake and the Colorado, all the money spent on
the TVA and the thousands of miles of power lines in the Rural 
Electrification Projects that brought power to places that could never
justify service based on demand.

>  A heck of a lot more than "the true cost per KWh". You can bet the 
> utilities include their tax bill when the calculate our bills.
> And as evidenced by the round of emails on taxing the pathetically 
> few ev's out there, we'll pay our fair share of road tax soon enough.

The money grubbing polititians will get it anyplace they can...

I'll know they mean it, when they start charging bicycles for the 
miles of bike lanes.
> Happy to be a fan(atic) of ev's-
> Cheers!
> jrab


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