[Oeva-list] heads up for Leaf drivers--WTC DC quick charger inaccessible

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Sun Apr 24 06:33:55 PDT 2011

Yesterday, after visting the Tesla model S across from Shorepower, I charged 
up on the street at 1st and Salmon before going home. I took my passenger down 
to see the DC quick charger in the parking garage on Taylor.

We found that the PGE Leaf was blocking access to the DC quick charger--it was 
parked there but not charging. The DC quick charger cord is shorter than J1772 
(expected since it handles way more current), and could not reach adjacent 

There was another spot not reserved for EV charging that might be reachable 
from the charger, but an ICE was parked there.

Hopefully folks in the future will use these spots only when actually 
charging, and move the vehicle elsewhere when done.


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