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The Leaf software update is also said to help give more accurate  dash 
range according to Nissan. 
The Peukert effect does have a very large impact on lead acid  batteries 
but little on lithium. 
For anyone not aware of the Peukert effect. It is when you drain a  battery 
at higher loads you lose capacity. For example if you take a 100 Ah lead  
acid battery that rating is usually arrived at with a 5 amp load for 20 hours 
5  amps X 20 hours  = 100 amp hours. This is not the amp rate you use  
driving an EV but a 20 hour time a common rating of lead acid  batteries. .
If you take that same 100 amp hour lead acid battery and put it  under an 
EV load of 50 amps it will last only about one hour 1  hour X 50 amps  = 50 
amp hours. Take a 100 amp hour rated lithium  battery and your actual 
capacity is not much less then the rating. See  discharge curve at this link  
Note that even at 100 amp hour rate your able to still get 100 amp hours  
but the cell voltage is less. This shows that the cell is able to deliver the 
 same rated capacity but it is being done at a lower voltage. The voltage  
drop off increases as the state of charge decreases. Just like all  
batteries your cycle life will be less with higher loads and the impact will be  g
reater with higher loads in a lower state of charge.
Nissan recommends using the pack between 50 to 80 percent state of charge  
for maximum life. I have set my Leaf to charge to 80% and I try not to go 
under  50 miles of range. You don't have to do this but if you can it will 
give you the  very longest pack life. I would not be surprised if the pack 
would be good  for 150,000 to 200.000 miles doing so.
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I've been looking at the Carwings data for that trip  to Portland a
couple weeks ago, and either the estimator is being awfully  conservative
(which would make sense except for the reports of people running  out of
juice early), or the energy consumption sensor/calculation Carwings  is
using is faulty, or the battery is smaller than they say:

Battery  spec: 24kwh

Carwings report for the return from McMinnville (where it got  a 100%
charge that Sunday): 11.7kWh 48.6miles 4.2miles/kWh

Range  estimator/battery gauge: 66% (27 miles remaining)

kwh capacity derived  from usage: 11.7/.66 = ~18kwh

The 66% is consistent with 27 miles  remaining after going 48 miles.

I'm guessing Peukert at  work...
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