[Oeva-list] Fred's Hollywood charger

Karl Boekelheide ovea at boekelheide.com
Sun Dec 4 11:08:07 PST 2011

I noticed something at the Blink level 3 charger at Fred's.  There are
two ports but they can't run at the same time.  The supply can only
output 40Kw not 80Kw.  If you connect up and there is someone already
using it your port will wait until the first one is complete before
starting yours.  It's a very nice feature so you don't have to stand
around or come back some short time later but is isn't obvious that the
supply can only handle one car at a time.   It is explained on the huge
video screen if you sit there and watch it.

Kudos to Fred's for allowing the charger.  Let them know you appreciate
it.  The staff seems to have no idea how it works but if enough people
compliment them it will probably filter up.

I wish there were one down in Salem, Albany or there abouts.  Having 3
level 3 chargers within 3 miles of each other in Portland and none
anywhere else in the state seems like odd timing.  Not that I want any
of them to go away, mind you.

Karl Boekelheide
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