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I don't believe this is possible without a step-down transformer. 240 in the US uses split phase, with 240 volts line-to-line, but only 120 volts line-to-ground. If you are using a campground or stove plug for charging, you can simply connect one of the two lines to ground (or neutral) to get 120. Unfortunately, you can't do that with the J1772 charging stations because the J1772 has no neutral, and applying any voltage to the ground will trip the GFCI, so the only way would be with a transformer. Step-down transformers are readily available so that American appliances can be used in European countries where 240 is standard. Since you will be plugged in for 6-8 hours you will want one with twice the rating you need to prevent overheating, but a quick Google search shows that one with a high enough wattage output is going to cost several hundred dollars, so it might be more economical to just get a new charger.

For other folks on the list, note that some models of charger sold as 120 are actually universal input that will accept 240. Specifically the DeltaQ used in the later Xebras, the Zenn, and some of the Gems, but other models of charger may be similar, so check the electrical input specifications printed on the side of the charger.

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 I've heard there some way to run like a 110 based charger/ like a zivian ng1 on 
20 form charging  station ? any ideas who to do this ?
et a 2 to 1 transformer ?

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