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*Top Story ================================*
o video: Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley: How EVs can end our dependence on
foreign oil fb.me/1n08mixt7

 *Upcoming Oregon EVents ===================*
 o Freightliner Green Transportation Conference January 11, 2012
o Portland International Auto Show January 26-29, 2012 fb.me/18WpYC6Rs

Media from Recent EVents ===================*
 o video: Brammo CEO at the LA Motorcycle Show fb.me/1kzRrwbX7
o video: Brammo Bike (& Brammo girls) at the LA Motorcycle show
o photo: OEVA Member Phil Hochstetler's TWIKE on EV Station of the Day
o photos: OEVA December 2011 Meeting" fb.me/1a4dG7nCf

 *Northwest EV News of Note ===================*
 o Getaround car-sharing service Portland launch fb.me/RLjuDLzj
o ODOT & DLCD survey of Oregonian’s perceptions about climate change
o The Blink Network announces prices starting Spring 2012 fb.me/Bs2ZEjMe
o Electric Transit Connect now for sale in Oregon fb.me/1cffRwnhr
o Cato’s O’Toole warns of Portland's great “Mistake” fb.me/1yfrJrqi5
o Project Get Ready gets Portland ready for EVs fb.me/RXOT1CfA
o Arcimoto December Newsletter fb.me/1414a1aH5
o The Electric Bike Of Tomorrow? fb.me/1tBlHPXJ4
o Arcimoto CEO & Founder, Mark Frohmayer, recognized as an under 40 rising
star fb.me/RkvCJxlR

*Other EV News of Note =====================*
 o Careers in Electric Vehicles fb.me/u3VCE8II
o Want a true SOC meter for your Nissan Leaf? Here is a kit. fb.me/1zEYhGViX
o HP & ArchDaily sponsor EV charging station design challenge fb.me/AFBlYPYZ
o video: EVs batteries get 2nd life as solar bank fb.me/AvVK6lk5
o Why solar and electric cars should be friends fb.me/1jTjQsZsr
o Future of electric cars and energy management fb.me/1fSjm1dbK
o Mitsubishi i Coming Sooner & 2nd Mitsu EV Planned fb.me/17b8ZyoTT
o Nissan expands electric Leaf sales to seven more states fb.me/1oq7Dy7Oe

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