[Oeva-list] First Leaf Wreck?

mandamus01 at aol.com mandamus01 at aol.com
Wed Dec 21 08:17:35 PST 2011

Well,today I get to take my leaf to a Body Shop. About a week ago I was at a local restaurant having breakfast with some co-workers and when I went to leave , I saw that someone had either backed into my driver's side front or someone just smacked into it. I believe that I am pretty sure who did it.It was a regular at the restaurant that parks in the same place every week.He most likely backed into it.Then he drove away without a note or anything .I logged a police report and will see if he shows up this coming Saturday. Whether he sows up or not will tell whether he hit it or not plus I'll check his vehicle for the blue paint that might be on his White Explorer.He's about 75 years old or so so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt in the early going but if it indeed his fault one way or the other he will pay my deductible. I would assume that the whole lower front bonnet will have to be replaced since it is or was fiberglass .Everything else seems ok but the Body Shop will make sure and Nissan will check out the electronics although everything seems to be working fine. I might have the dubious ?honor? of having the first Leaf in a body shop at least in the valley. I was the second one to get a Leaf and the first to have it crashed into .Maybe.
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