[Oeva-list] First Leaf Wreck?

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We have already completed several Leaf collision repairs. 
It would be wise to make sure the collision shop is aware the battery  pack 
in a Leaf and the Prius are not the same. Most collision  centers know 
about as much as the general population concerning  EVs. Many are still clueless 
about the differences between  an EV, a hybrid, or battery chemistries. The 
battery pack and  EV related items are parts that collision shops do not 
work on. No  collision shop is going to admit they don't really understand 
electric vehicles. 
So I highly recommend you tell the collision shop under  no conditions 
should your Leaf ever be in the Paint booth using  the bake cycle. If a painter 
is not aware or a painter's helper turns on  the bake cycle it could damage 
the pack which would void your  battery warranty. See your owners manual 
page EV-7. 
It is absolutely critical that the Leaf is never exposed to the  bake cycle 
in a paint booth. This is a everyday normal procedure  for a collision 
shop. Most shops would assume since they have fixed a Prius  and baked them it 
can be also done on a Leaf. This would be a huge  mistake and I am sure its 
already happened somewhere. .
A warning for Prius owners. Many shops might not be turning down  the paint 
booth temperature when they are refinishing a Prius. Depending on the  time 
and temperature it may or may not cause damage to a Prius  pack. The NiMH 
chemistry is durable but it will last longer if its not  exposed to elevated 
The removal of the pack and other parts is recommended in the  Leaf owners 
manual. But this can be avoided if a collision shop is  knowledgeable with 
EVs. At West Hills we have the know how and  the equipment to do this work 
without harming the battery pack. I can see the  logic of Nissan 
recommendation since virtually all body shops are not known to  be very knowledgeable 
with EVs or EV service work. 

I have been in the collision repair industry for over 35 years so I know  
the industry very well. Sadly I am not aware of any other collision  shop 
owner or employee who knows much about EVs. To most people  in the collision 
industry EVs have been something to joke about  or put down. So its going to 
be interesting to see how our  industry adjusts to EV repairs. 
While its not common A few collision shops have free  ICE loaner cars. West 
Hills Collision has ICE vehicles but  we also have the Prius and Leaf for 
free loaners. You can  drive our car for free when we perform the collision 
repairs  if you don't have any rental coverage. Full coverage on our vehicle 
is required. 
If you ever in the Southwest Portland area and getting low on a  charge. 
Don't forget we have a charging station at West Hills open to  the public 
24/7. Right next to the charging station there is a 120 plug. There  is no 
charge for parking or the electric and all EVs are welcome.
_www.westhillscollision.com_ (http://www.westhillscollision.com)  
West Hills Collision Center
Don Blazer. 
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Well,today I get to take my leaf to  a Body Shop. About a week ago I was at 
a local restaurant having breakfast  with some co-workers and when I went 
to leave , I saw that someone had either  backed into my driver's side front 
or someone just smacked into it. I believe  that I am pretty sure who did 
it.It was a regular at the restaurant that parks  in the same place every 
week.He most likely backed into it.Then he drove away  without a note or 
anything .I logged a police report and will see if he shows  up this coming 
Saturday. Whether he sows up or not will tell whether he hit it  or not plus I'll 
check his vehicle for the blue paint that might be on his  White 
Explorer.He's about 75 years old or so so I'll give him the benefit of  the doubt in the 
early going but if it indeed his fault one way or the other  he will pay my 
deductible. I would assume that the whole lower front bonnet  will have to 
be replaced since it is or was fiberglass .Everything else seems  ok but the 
Body Shop will!
make sure and Nissan will check out the  electronics although everything 
seems to be working fine. I might have the  dubious ?honor? of having the 
first Leaf in a body shop at least in the  valley. I was the second one to get a 
Leaf and the first to have it crashed  into .Maybe.
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