[Oeva-list] Level 1 vs Level 2 "battles"

Quinn Sullivan qsullivan11 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 23:32:54 PST 2011

It is frustrating to see level 1 charging being phased out, and not being added with new charging stations. I've had my home built ev since June 2009 and have noticed the vast majority of places are j1772 and don't have the 120V I need. I live near clackamas town center and everything is j1772 plugs. I can't charge anywhere around here and no one is ever charging a leaf or anything else. I guess 120 is already out of date. I am a college student and can't afford a 240/120 charger, or a j1772 plug, and have just a handful of options of the 80+ charging stations in the Portland area. I'd never leave my car clogging up an ev spot all day, just could use a half hour or hour of charge when it's available. If level 1 charging is forgotten and ruled out you can rule out affordable conversions with it, which is detrimental to the ev ideal striving towards 1 million EV's and fellow DIY converters. 

Quinn Sullivan

On Dec 27, 2011, at 10:28 PM, "Steve's Account" <stevel at fern.com> wrote:

> Scott Hippe  wrote:
>> I don't think Leaf owners are against level 1
>> Availability. It is so easy to provide a 120v
>> outlet on the pedestal of a level 2 charger.
>> And the level 1 vehicle doesn't even have to
>> occupy that space, he/she could be parked
>> 25 or more feet away with an extension cord. 
>> It must be pure greed of the charging
>> station owner/operator not to provide a free
>> 120 v outlet for the occasional level 1 user.
> Actually, it may be that very 120 v. outlet that is the death
> knell for the Level I charging stations. Since it is such a
> common interface, it may be being abused by folks who want power for
> things other than EV charging.
> It may also be the case that the charing station owners see that they
> can have several level 2 customers frequent their business because 
> the charging cycles are shorter, with the same investment in parking
> space and infrastructure that a level 1 customer will use for an
> entire day.
> Given a choice between several happy Leaf owners or one happy Level 1
> owner, I'd opt for the Level 2. And it doesn't have the abuse potential
> of a 110v outlet.
> Suggesting a change to a not-common plug with interaction between the
> charger and the outlet as a new "standard" for level 1 charging might be 
> a way to keep the level 1 stuff in place. But it still doesn't address 
> the guy who drops his car off in the morning at the "fred myers" (or 
> any other charging site) and goes off to work, blocking access to the 
> customers of the company who provided the charging station.
> In some locations, parking spaces are the limiting factor in how many
> customers you can get thru a retail establishment. And you can be
> "just as green" by encouraging lots of customers, as catering to
> one.
> Steve
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