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Here is the link to the Oregon state EV tax credits.

NOTE: That you have to file this BEFORE you do your taxes. You apply for
the credit and get a form to include in your tax filing. This is the same
method that is used for Oregon solar credits.

This form has credits for:
1) Converting a vehicle to alt fuel (EV conversion)
2) Buying a new EV
3) Buying a EV battery charger (like the one that is onboard the Volt and
4) Buying a home charging station. If you were outside of the EV project
like Forrest Grove or other areas, then you likely had to buy an EVSE and
this would apply.

There is one related question that I was asked, that I do not know the
answer to. It is: If I didn't buy an EVSE, but rather had the
emergency/trickle unit that came with my Leaf upgraded, can I apply credits
for that? If this applies to you, I would call the Ore. DOE and talk
to Debbie Davis 1-800-221-8035 (in Salem call 503-378-4040). She was very
helpful when I filled out this form. Since this cost was for
"fueling equipment" I think it qualifies, but Debbie could tell you for

Here are my note from talking with Debbie about how to fill out this form
for a Leaf purchase. It asks for comparable gas cars and these notes has
the one that she recommends for the Leaf. It is likely different for the

Debbie said:

For box 3, use a Nissan Sentra as the comparative model. This is a similar
sized and accessorized Nissan.  She suggested using the base price of
$16060.  The resulting tax credit is $750.
For box 6, use $3000 as the installed cost of the vehicle charger installed
in the car. The ODOE is aware that this is an internal vehicle item and the
cost is not shown on the car invoice. The resulting tax credit is another

Together these result in a $1500 state tax credit.

Additionally, box 5 can be used for the home charging station, if

I have put all these notes on our facebook page here: http://goo.gl/aBaxa

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