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  I'd recommend the "upgrade" for the trickle charger.  http://evseupgrade.com/

  I've been very pleased with mine.  I use it whenever I go to my mom's house in Eugene.  All you need is a 240v outlet of some sort.
  If your friend likes the idea, I'd be happy to loan him my original 110 only charger while he ships his back and forth.
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    A friend of mine is buying a Leaf. He picks it up tomorrow. He is outside of the EV Project area so he will not get a free EVSE, so he is shopping for one. He wants to buy it this year so he can qualify for the federal EVSE credit that is about to expire. 

    He is considering this one: 

    Schneider Electric EVlink
    30A Level 2 Home Charging Station at Home Depot 

    Have you ever used this one or heard any comments from a trusted source one way or the other? 

    Or do you have another recommendation for a home EVSE that is similarly priced or cheaper? 

    Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon


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