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Chris Brune csbrune at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 31 16:23:28 PST 2011

Hello All,
Some background… I purchased a Honda Del Sol that had been
converted by a fellow in Colorado.  He had done the conversion in around
2000/2001.  I purchased the car from him
in 2005.  I believe the car originally
had about 100k miles on it when converted and now has about 120k.  I have probably done 12k miles.  I really haven’t had any problems with the
car except for replacing the batteries.  I put a set of batteries into it in 2007, and they are pretty much done

Some of you may remember me bringing the car to EV Awareness Day several years ago.  I also brought it to the PIR once for the EV drags.

Some older pictures of the car can be found at:  http://www.evalbum.com/342

I work for a company that builds AC motor controllers for
EVs, so I’ve always wanted to convert this car over to AC instead of DC.  A bunch of things have come together now so
that I can perform this conversion.
Since the AC system will be much higher voltage (and
lithium) I am parting out many of the EV components that were designed for the
144V system.  
Items for sale:
Curtis 1221 – This controller was rebuilt by myself with
better FETs and capacitors to be able to handle 144V systems.  I have been running it the car for a couple
of years without any problems.  I might not mount in a truck, but for a small vehicle it should be more than adequate.

Curtis 1231C – The controller the car came with.  Nothing wrong with it, I just kept it as a
Advanced DC Motor – FB4001A, has a speed sensor coupled to
the shaft opposite the transmission.  There is an over-speed cutout device that connects to the speed sensor.  I believe this motor has the timing set for a
Honda, which I understand to be backwards of most.  I can also throw in the shaft adapter and
transmission mounting plate for a Honda S20 transmission.
DCP DC/DC Converter.  This a pretty handy DC/DC converter than can put out 12V power from a
wide range of input voltages.  It also
has a separate 12V DC to 12V DC converter that is designed to be used with the
Albright Contactors (2):  SW200-505.  These were used as
main contactors.  One was switched with
the accel pedal and the other with ignition.
Albright Contactor for heater.
Currently the Curtis 1221 is mounted on to a board that
contains the contactors, a couple of shunts, a fan for the Curtis, a Curtis pot
box, pre-charge resistor.
Battery Chargers – I have
12 Soneil 12V 5A chargers.  These
chargers are installed into a nice metal frame that was mounted in the trunk of
the car.  I have modified the chargers to
not perform the bursting charge that Soneil originally used, they are setup as
constant current/constant voltage except that they don’t automatically shut
off.  I just ran them on  a timer.  I can also throw in handy little box that allows quick access to every
battery tap for monitoring the voltage.
Twelve Optimas – Marine Blue Tops.  These are pretty near the end of life.  Some I’m sure are better than others.  If anyone is interested in picking them up
they can have them.
Battery Cables, I have most
of the cables that were used to interconnect the Optimas.  They have the nice copper lugs on them for
the battery posts.
Battery heater pad, when I
got the car it was installed with a battery heating system.  It is comprised of this resistive element on
a plastic film.  Designed to run from
120VAC.  It really probably needs some
controller for it.  I ran it on a light
dimmer.  But there was not any control of
For someone who is interested in doing a 144V lead acid
battery system this is a pretty complete package.
If you are interested in any of this shoot me an offer.  It would be nice to sell the whole lot to one
person, but I will part it out.
Chris Brune
csbrune at yahoo.com
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