[Oeva-list] 82nd Ave of roses parade

Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
Sun May 1 12:22:13 PDT 2011

We had 3 OEVA member EVs at the parade yesterday on 82nd Ave---a Nissan LEAF
(Chris Arneson(?)), a citicar and my 1920 Milburn.
Having no signage on my car, as usual there were a lot of folks wondering
what it was, others mouthing in the distance "is that electric?", etc.
The parade was pretty long and had a variety of the usual bands, cars, cops,
etc.  There really wasn't much of a parade crowd to speak of and some blocks
had very few folks/families to watch.  The event isn't that well advertised.
Arguably the most notable EV in the parade was a red Tesla that carried
around Ronald McDonald.and that EV wasn't at all associated with OEVA in the
event.  This perhaps speaks to how EVs are becoming more and more
ordinary---many folks probably couldn't tell a Tesla from any other sports
car and wouldn't guess that a Leaf was electric.  It was fun to see which
cars got peoples' attention---of course the 1920 Milburn got its usual looks
and comments, but the comments regarding the Citicar were priceless----kids
really like that car!

-Myles Twete

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