[Oeva-list] 82nd Ave of roses parade

Chris Arnesen chris at darkstarpro.com
Sun May 1 12:35:00 PDT 2011

Yep, my wife and I had a great time at the parade. I used window markers to write "No Gas, No Smog" on the side windows, "100% Electric" on the front, and "Oregon Electric Vehicle Assoc." and the website on the back.

I heard a lot of people comment saying "that is the new Nissan Leaf electic car" and one guy even yelled that I could go right ahead and park it in his garage. Lots of kids commenting that the Leaf was an awesome looking car too.

I'm thinking for the Hillsboro Fourth of July Parade I would like to tow a small trailer with an A-frame sign on it since the doors on the Leaf are non-magnetic...

Chris Arnesen

Myles Twete <matwete at comcast.net> wrote:

>We had 3 OEVA member EVs at the parade yesterday on 82nd Ave---a Nissan LEAF
>(Chris Arneson(?)), a citicar and my 1920 Milburn.
>Having no signage on my car, as usual there were a lot of folks wondering
>what it was, others mouthing in the distance "is that electric?", etc.
>The parade was pretty long and had a variety of the usual bands, cars, cops,
>etc.  There really wasn't much of a parade crowd to speak of and some blocks
>had very few folks/families to watch.  The event isn't that well advertised.
>Arguably the most notable EV in the parade was a red Tesla that carried
>around Ronald McDonald.and that EV wasn't at all associated with OEVA in the
>event.  This perhaps speaks to how EVs are becoming more and more
>ordinary---many folks probably couldn't tell a Tesla from any other sports
>car and wouldn't guess that a Leaf was electric.  It was fun to see which
>cars got peoples' attention---of course the 1920 Milburn got its usual looks
>and comments, but the comments regarding the Citicar were priceless----kids
>really like that car!
>-Myles Twete
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