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I’m curious, how much did you have to pay for this information? When I requested similar data back in February as part of a class project, they wanted $80. Although that was broken down by Multnomah county zip code, so it may have been more work.
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I asked for the number of vehicles registered in Oregon, and how many were electric.  Here's DMV's response.  Sorry about the formatting, gmail doesn't do tables, apparently.  Consider it to be a "snapshot" and unofficial, but it's probably accurate as of yesterday:

Category All Electric PercentElectric 
 Bus:  2,188 
 Heavy trailer:  4,919 
 Light trailer:  202,692 
 Motorcycle 175,128 179 0.1022% 
 Low speed 358 313 87.4302% 
 Snowmobile:  23,972 
 Truck:  72,496 1 0.0014% 
 Passenger 4,484,180 133 0.0030% 
 Atv:  26,831 
 Travel trailer:  155,027 
 Camper:  36,836 
 Motor home 80,628 1 0.0012% 
 Moped 8,304 87 1.0477% 
 Special use trailer 2,236        

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