[Oeva-list] Modular EV Power J1772 Vehicle Conversion Kit

chris at darkstarpro.com chris at darkstarpro.com
Mon May 2 13:23:00 PDT 2011

It looks like David at Modular EV Power is getting ready to release a new
kit to aid in the conversion to go to J1772 in your existing vehicle.


Basically it works by making sure the J1772 pilot signal is interrupted
when the release latch is pressed. This will cause the public charging
station (or any other EVSE) to open its relay and stop supplying power to
your vehicle.

This should be a great tool for those not needing any type of voltage
control on their existing electric vehicles, but want to make the switch
to J1772!

It also looks like he is a lot closer on development of a EVSE control
board for those wanting to build their own EVSE from scratch:


Chris Arnesen

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