[Oeva-list] motor cycle pusher moble charger

Peakfoto Digital Photo Still n Video ken at peakfoto.com
Mon May 2 22:32:58 PDT 2011

  I have an electric scooter 72 volt , 35 amps  3000 watt hub motor 43 top speed. EVT 20.
I still have leadies but going to Lfp soon, but i'd still like  use some kind of gas or propane engine for a pusher or some way to charge batts while driving or siiting . is there something that will produce 65 - 70 volts Dc or 35 volts. and split charge the pack at rest. I thougth of getting a honda 90 engine n powering a motorcycle wheel asa pusher. any ideas ? and using regen.

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