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Let me know if my math is wrong
To use a Leaf driver for an example. 
If your cost per kW is 8 cents and your getting 4 miles to the kW.  Then  
2.0 cents  is your cost per mile. So this tax of .0156  would be almost 80% 
of the cost of fuel. I would like to see the  reaction to gas being taxed at 
this same level. 
.0156 cents per mile does not seem outrageous since 10,000 miles  would be 
only 156.00 dollars in road taxes. Then you consider 10,000  miles would 
only cost you 200.00 dollars on your electric bill. 
So if this passes it will cost almost as much to maintenance the road  as 
it does to fuel an electric vehicle. 
Amazing when you think about it. As this shows just how efficient an  EV is 
to drive and in comparison how expensive the road is to maintain. 
Since were going to review the road taxes how about taking a look  at the 
current road maintenance cost? One study seems to show the  state of 
Washington could save 25 million dollars a year over 10 years  ago.  This is way 
more money they will ever be taken in for a  very long time with this EV road 
I was searching Google for a city that was on TV a while back  that had 
changed to using private contractors. They had vastly improved  their roads and 
lowered their cost. Anyone else see that?
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3. VRUC  = $0.0156/mile (1.56 cents per mile), effective July 1, 2018.
Reduced rate  of $0.0085/mile  (0.85 cents/mile) from July 1, 2015  to

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