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CraigSchaefer calvinjean2 at comcast.net
Wed May 4 12:02:37 PDT 2011

$300 plus a little money for electricity to charge the vehicle seems like a bargain compared to what I pay for fuel, and yet everyone is complaining.    

You won't change things yourself, but if you do it and others catch on, the paradigm shifts..... 

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I won't buy mass adoption of EVs for my $300 cash. And fan(atics) only driving EVs - won't change big picture ither. 

Good luck to Gary!!! 

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Doesn't matter what the legislature thinks.   What do YOU think?    Is foreign oil independence worth more to YOU than the extra $200-300?    

Everyone will have their say. 

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Looks like a way to "kill electric vehicle" once again.  
A bit more additional tax, slight electricity rate increase plus some required maintnance of required measuring unit, throw couple extra hundred dollars a year to EV TCO - and buying EV will be completely disadvantaged.   
I see buying Prius and outfitting it with 4-6 kWh battery pack  - being simply cheaper per mile then. AND don't forget - Prius has no range limitation, which is very appealing to general public. 
It is very sad to see legislature kill EV once again.  They clearly don't care about foreign oil independency. 


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