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As someone stated before the problem here is what if you have several EVs.  
Just like an ICE an EV can fill many roles. A person could have a truck, 
car and  other EVs. It would not be very fair to charge a flat fee of 300  
dollars per each EV. 
Makes the most sense if your going to collect by mileage to do it during  
registration. You would not have to go into DMV if you were mailing it in you 
 could just report your mileage and pay at the same time.
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$300 plus  a little money for electricity to charge the vehicle seems like 
a bargain  compared to what I pay for fuel, and yet everyone is 

You won't change things yourself, but if you do it and others catch  on, 
the paradigm shifts..... 

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I won't buy mass adoption of EVs for my $300  cash. And fan(atics) only 
driving EVs - won't change big picture ither.  

Good luck to Gary!!!  

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