[Oeva-list] Update on HB2328

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Thu May 5 00:24:18 PDT 2011

On 5/4/11 11:57 PM, Scott Hippe wrote:

> But with my thinking, if the pack is thought of as fuel, then you are not dumping money into this car to replace some broken part,
> but simply pre-buying more fuel.

That's nice from an overall financial point of view, but for most
people, cash flow is the primary concern.  Are banks going to loan
people $10-20K for a new battery pack on a 10 year old car?  Not only
will they not, but people won't want to do it anyway: they're going to
buy a new car instead, just like they do when a motor or transmission
gives out, or shows signs that it might.  I bought a Leaf (well, leased
it) instead of refitting my Solectria's worn out batteries.  The Leaf is
a much nicer car with vastly improved technology.  That is going to be
the trend for the next several years too, which is why I leased it.

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