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Copying it again....

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Of course an engine has a totally different function than a gas
What is they have common, though, is that the high cost of replacing the 
engine/transmission or just increased service costs (value jobs, ring jobs, 
new head gaskets) is what leads people to end-of-life their car and buy a
one, just as wanting to replacing the battery might be the decisive event
triggers buying a new car. The old car either reaches it's end of life, or
resold very cheaply to those who drive them until they die.

I once replaced my wife's 1979 chevy wagon at only 50,000 miles (and it had 
17000 when we drove it here from South Florida). My wife drove it 1 to 3
to the grocery store, etc. 

The equivalent function to an engine, the motor, lasts longer than the car. 
Just as the gas tank might on a gas car. But my point is that the EV battery

and gas engines have similar lifetimes with similar consequences.

Of course, the Li EV battery requires no maintenance like the engine, and it

does not ever pollute or emit anything, much less get worse as it ages as
an engine.

So this is about "vehicle replacement pollution", I guess.


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