[Oeva-list] update on is battery fuel

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Thu May 5 20:20:08 PDT 2011

> Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] Fwd:  Update on is battery fuel
> You probably saw my reply to Myles--I won't repeat it here.
> However, one more difference. The battery seldom just dies like an engine so
> that you have to replace it. Sometimes you may have to replace individual
> defective cell/modules, but it degrades slowly rather than aburptly most of
> the time.

Gee.. Most of the batteries I have had fail, (Lead Acid) usually die fairly
suddenly.. and most often it'd due to shorting of a cell. Sometimes you can
break the bridge and keep them going for a while longer.. but often it's
the beginning of the end.

You then end up with a pack you can't recharge to a 100 percent SOC and
pretty soon the other batteries in the string die due to deep discharge

If you have a BMS and can remove the dead battery from the string fairly
quickly.. you can often replace it and get many more miles from the
remaining batteries.
> When you can't go as far as you need to, you replace the battery with a new
> one. You might also be able to sell the old battery to someone who doesn't
> need to go as far, who may be able to use it for a very long time.
> Gary


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