[Oeva-list] A123 batteries

Jon Balgley jon at photodad.com
Fri May 6 07:53:42 PDT 2011

In a few recent messages, different people praised and commented upon A123
batteries.  I am hoping to upgrade to A123's, or similar?, when my current
lead-acid pack dies.

Someone said, re: A123's, "properly sized for range" -- since A123's can
tolerate much higher C-rates, what does that mean, if I only want limited
range?  If I design the pack to be much smaller, pull more amps from it, how
do I estimate how much less lifetime I'll get from them?

It appears that A123 20Ah pouch cells are appearing on the market, too.
 Anybody around here using them yet?  I know John Wayland is using pouch
cells from Dow Kokam.
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