[Oeva-list] HB 2328 projected gains and losses

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>From the revenue committee audio herehttp://www.leg.state.or.us/listn/archive/archive.2011s/HREV-201105040737.ram
Vicki Berger - "When I first saw these figures I was frankly umhh..aghast that this much money would have to be expended to implement this small tax"
Looks like 2.6 million dollars of expenditure with 1 fte for 1st bienium, and 3 fte for 2nd bienium.
On the revenue side, it is predicted to bring in $300,000 in 2016.(may 2 audio) and 13 million by 2021.
So the projected loss is approximately 2.3 million dollars....in the firstyear (2016)
They do claim some big revenue gains 10 years in the future, but thisis still very very very speculative in my opinion.


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